RCS District Level / School Level / Ethics Code

The administration of Richmond Community Schools is conducted at two levels:

  1. The District level - which oversees administration of the entire RCS system - is led by the Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Curtis Wright and his staff.  District administration includes overseeing: 
    • Buildings and Grounds
    • Curriculum
    • Finance
    • Food Services
    • Human Resources
    • Information Technology
    • Professional Development
    • Special Education
    • Student Achievement
    • Transportation
  1. The School level - led by the Principals of the schools or the Director of each special program.

Richmond Community Schools has an elected seven-member Board.  Three members each represent a specific district:  District I- Part of Wayne Township; District 2-Parts of Wayne and Boston Townships; District 3-Parts of Wayne and Boston Townships; and At Large.  Board members are elected in November and serve a four-year term of office.

As the policy making body for the school district, the Board of School Trustees is charged with providing a quality educational program for students in grades preschool through 12.  The Board sets policy in accordance with the Indiana laws and the needs of the community.

Richmond Community Schools also has several committees established to engage in improving aspects of the services provided by RCS.

Ethics Code

The ethics code outlines the guiding principles and expected behaviors for all Richmond Community Schools administrators. The district exists to serve students, parents, and our community. To be effective, all employees will do their best to provide students and families with the highest possible quality of service. To view the Ethics Code, please click here.