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Student Device Information

Richmond Community Schools has the privilege of offering a 1:1 tech program allowing every student the ability to access technology and digital learning. 
Students attending at the primary education level are assigned a Google Chromebook for use strictly during school hours. These devices are kept at the assigned school building within the classroom. Students do not take home their assigned device at the primary level.
Students attending at the intermediate and secondary education level are assigned a Google Chromebook for take home use. Students are assigned an individual device, charger and protective bag starting in the eighth grade at Dennis Middle School and fifth grade at Hibberd Program Building. Through the device take home program students are offered the opportunity to complete school work off campus. 
Each of our buildings are staffed by a technology specialist to address any ongoing technical related issues with your students device. These specialist will also complete any physical repairs your students device may need. Families may opt in for school device insurance each year to cover any unforeseen damages/repairs.
Device Repair/Replacement 
Any student devices that may require repair and/or replacement due to intentional or accident damages will be assessed by the Department of Technology.
Intentional/Deliberate Damage: The student and the student’s parents/guardians are responsible for the actual cost of repair or replacement, whichever is less, when a device is damaged or destroyed because the student committed or intentionally facilitated a deliberate act of damage or vandalism. This matter has been reported to the School Administrator. 
Unintentional/Accidental Damage: When a device is damaged as a result of unintentional or accidental circumstances, the student and the student’s parent/guardian will be assessed the following fees:
  • First Incident: Actual cost of repair or $50, whichever is less.
  • Second Incident: Actual cost of repair or $100, whichever is less.
  • Third Incident: Any subsequent incidents, the actual cost of repair or the actual replacement cost, whichever is less.
School Device Insurance Coverage
Each year families may purchase device insurance for their students assigned device. This one time premium each year covers all eligible accidental damages, lost/stolen devices. Families may purchase the device insurance for $35 through the School Device Coverage website. Device chargers may be added onto the coverage for an additional $5 covering any accidental damages, lost/stolen chargers throughout the school year. 
All device claims are made through the school device coverage portal. Richmond Community Schools Department of Technology is unable to file any device claims on behalf of the family/student. Should you need assistance filing a claim with School Device Coverage please contact the Department of Technology.