Emergency School Closing/Delay/Early Dismissal Policy

Emergency options used by Richmond Community Schools

Emergency School Closing/Delay/Early Dismissal

The following is a list of the emergency options used by Richmond Community Schools. Please, discuss these with your children and plan what to do in each instance.


  • All Richmond Community Schools' Schools will be closed. No Buses will run.2 Hour Delay

2 Hour Delay

  • Richmond Community Schools, including Child Care programs, will have a 2-hour delay in starting school

  • Buses will run 2 hours later than usual. Pick-up points and announced dismissal times will remain the same.

  • No School Breakfasts will be served

Early Dismissal

  • Richmond Community Schools including Child Care programs, will dismiss students early. Listen for notification on local media.


In addition to the RCS Web site and Palladium-Item Web site, school closings, delays and early dismissals will be announced on the following stations:

Whenever possible school closings and delays will be sent to these stations before 6:30 am.




Station Frequency   Station Channel Cable
WKBV 1490 AM   WHIO 7 7
WFMG (Hits 101.3) 101.3 FM   WRTV 6 42
WHON 930 AM   WTHR 13 13
WHBU 1240 AM   WISH TV 8 8
WQLK (Kicks 96) 96.3 FM   WXIN (Fox 59) 59 n/a
WLW 700 AM   WCTV n/a 11, 20, 21
WHIO 1290 AM   School Watch (700 WLW) 12  
WMUB 88.5 FM   WCPO Cincinnati    
WLBC (Backyard Broadcasting) 104.1 FM        
MAX 93.5 FM, 96.7 FM        
WERK 101.7 FM, 104.9 FM        
WJYW Joy FM        

Please Plan Ahead

Make plans for alternative child care.

Listen to the weather forecast the night before.

Allow extra time in the morning, to listen to the radio or television station of your choice in the list above.

If your children ride the school bus, have them dressed and ready to go. The bus may be running behind schedule because of road conditions.

If you wish to drive, watch for school buses. Remember to allow extra distance for stopping, reduce your speed and be prepared for buses to stop to pick-up or let students out.

If early dismissal of school is necessary, the announcement will be made on the radio and television stations listed above.

Consider keeping a battery operated AM/FM radio in your home in case of electrical outages.