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Too Busy To Be Involved In Your Child's School? Think Again!

Simple ways you can get involved in your child's school in just 5, 10, or 15 minutes


Got 5 minutes?

  • Introduce yourself to your child's teacher. Indicate the best way to give you information (phone, email, notes, etc.)
  • Write a note or email to the teacher just to check in and see how your child is doing.
  • Call the teacher. Remember to let teachers know about out-of-school factors that may be affecting your child.


Got 10 minutes?

  • Share your child's strengths talents and interest with your child's teachers.
  • Read classroom and/or school newsletters.
  • Check out your child's school website.


Got 15 minutes?

  • Share your family's culture, values and parenting practices with your child's teacher.
  • Talk with your child's teacher about how to support learning at home.
  • Attend parent-teacher conferences with specific questions you want to ask.


30 minutes and more…

  • Read and know your child's school handbook.
  • Work with teachers and school administrators to develop a parent communication policy.
  • Attend PTA, school board, and/or town meetings and speak to issues of concern.

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