Dennis and Test 7th and 8th grade team rosters.  Congratualtions!   Dennis 8th grade #10 Levon Jordan #12 Hunter Jordan #13 James Weigel #15 Justin Robinson #20 Coy Baker #22 Brent Hammond #24 Deontae Gabbard #32 Zach Hill #35 Tony Yencer...
2016 Christmas Card Drawing Winners! 1st Place - Nova Beaty 4th grade Fairview   2nd Place -  Shannon Wilmont 4th grade Vaile   3rd Place - Christian Goodwin 4th grade Starr

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RHS senior receives IHSAA Mental Attitude Award! 

Eric Hollingsworth was the recipient of the IHSAA Mental Attitude Award. The IHSAA Executive Committee presents annually an award for mental attitude to an outstanding senior participant in the boys tennis state tournament. The recipient of this award, who was nominated by his principal and coach, must excel in mental attitude, scholarship, leadership and athletic ability in tennis. Eric is the ninth student from Richmond High School to receive this award, dating back to 1924. 

PowerUp 1:1 Information


To review information about the RCS PowerUp 1:1initiative, click HERE.


2015 Annual Performance Review

To read the 2015 Annual Performance Review for Richmond Community Schools, click HERE.

Richmond Community Schools' Climate Audit

Click HERE to read the executive summary of the climate audit recently conducted by the Richmond Community Schools.  The audit includes cumulative data from various stakeholders groups (i.e. parents, students, faculty, staff, administrators and community stakeholders), an analysis of the online survey data, and a summary of general themes from focus groups visits conducted at 10 school sites (i.e. six elementary schools, three intermediate, and one high school) on May 4 and 11, 2016.  The attached information was collected, analyzed, and prepared by an independent educational consulting firm in an effort to gain honest feedback about our School Corporation.  The results of climate audit will be used to guide the next steps in improving our School Corporation and meeting our mission, vision, and goals.

Click HERE to view the Climate Audit PowerPoint slide show.

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