RCS Board of Trustees Extends Dr. Curtis Wright’s Contract Through 2031

RICHMOND, Indiana (February 15, 2024) – The Richmond Community Schools Board of School Trustees are pleased to announce the contract extension of Superintendent of Schools Dr. Curtis Wright. Dr. Wright has enhanced the overall performance of our schools, he has improved student outcomes, and he has fostered a positive and collaborative educational environment.   

Under the terms of the approved contract extension, Dr. Wright has earned a compensation package that includes a base salary of $175,000.00 with guaranteed annual increases of three percent (3%). In addition, Dr. Wright has also earned an annual automatic renewal of his contract through the year 2031.  

Given the challenges and complexities of the education landscape, the RCS Board of Trustees felt it was essential to maintain stability and continuity in leadership. To reflect Dr. Wright’s ongoing dedication, contributions, and the increased responsibilities associated with the evolving educational landscape, the RCS Board of Trustees understand the importance in retaining Dr. Wright’s brand of leadership.  “Originally we knew we were getting Dr. Wright at a ‘good deal’ with regard to his first contracted salary,” said board member Nicole Stults. “However, we all knew that if things continued to go well, we would eventually have to ‘pony up the dough.’ Therefore, I feel it has been overdue.”  

A native son of the City of Richmond, Dr. Wright is a 1997 graduate of Richmond High School, and has earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Earlham College, a Master’s Degree from Indiana University, and a Doctoral Degree from Oakland City University. Dr. Wright spent nearly 20-years selflessly serving students in the MSD of Wayne Township (Ben Davis High School) and the MSD of Pike Township before coming home to assume the helm as Superintendent of Schools. Dr. Wright has been a classroom teacher, Dean of Students, Assistant Principal, Principal, and Director of Facilities & Security. Despite such a pedigree of experience, Dr. Wright says his heart has always remained in the classroom. “Our teachers are the most important people within our classrooms. Their positive impact and/or lack thereof, will determine the altitude of the students they serve,” said Dr. Wright.

“We are pleased to extend Dr. Wright’s contract as Superintendent of Richmond Community Schools,” said Board President Brad Walton. “Dr. Wright’s vision, expertise, and tireless efforts have been instrumental in advancing our district’s mission of guiding students on pathways of learning to a future of limitless possibilities. We look forward to continuing our work together to ensure the success and well-being of our students, staff, and community.” 

Dr. Wright expressed gratitude for the board’s approval and vowed to continue serving Richmond Community Schools to the utmost. Following the meeting, Dr. Wright reiterated his commitment to facilitating an enriched learning environment for all students.  “We are optimistic that the structures that we are putting into place will afford us the opportunity to experience continued growth in the areas of curriculum and instruction, systemic alignment, and social emotional supports,” said Dr. Wright.  “However, as I have said before, our student performance challenges did not happen overnight.  Prior to my arrival, there had been years of unsatisfactory performance across the board.  Thus, it may take us just as many years, if not longer, to uplift ourselves from where the corporation has been.  Nevertheless, through humility, selfless service, and resiliency, our school community will prevail. For we aRe Richmond!”  

The Richmond Community Schools Board of Trustees remain committed to supporting Dr. Wright and the entire leadership team in their pursuit of excellence and continuous improvement.