Departments » Administration




Superintendent of Schools

Dr. Curtis Wright

Name: Dr. Curtis Wright
Office: Administration Building
Executive Assistant: Cindy Elzemeyer
Phone: 765.973.3335
Fax: 765.973.3417




Chief of Elementary Education Officer



Name: Brent Baker
Office: Administration Building
Executive Assistant: Bridget Hazelbaker
Phone: 765.973.3337
Fax: 765.973.3417












Chief of Secondary Education Officer

Mark Fowler
Office: Administration Building
Executive Assistant:Bridget Hazelbaker
Phone: 765.973.3337
Fax: 765.973.3417

Chief of Exceptional Education Officer



Name: Elizabeth Markward
Office: Administration Building
Executive Assistant: Natalie Blakely
Phone: 765.973.3398
Fax: 765.973.3471














Chief of Finance and Human Resources Officer

Office: Administration Building
HR Executive Assistant: Lisa Focht
Finance Executive Assistant:Melissa Swafford
HR Phone: 765.973.3443
Finance Phone: 765-973-3406
Fax: 765.973.3359

Chief Operations Officer


Name:  Karen Scalf
Office:  Warner Building
Executive AssistantLisa Williams
Phone:  765.973.3411
Fax:  765.973.3485



Director of Technology

Alex Hazelbaker


Name: Alex Hazelbaker
Office: Administration Building
Executive Assistant: Jeanie Blevins
Phone: 765.973.4918
Fax:  765.973.3480


Director of Student Support

billy wright
Name: Billy Wright
Office: Administration Building
Phone: 765.973.3755
Fax: 765.973.3499

Communications and Marketing Coordinator

Bridget Hazelbaker


Name:  Bridget Hazelbaker
Office:  Administration Building

Phone:  765.973.3329
Fax:  765.973.3417