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Preschool Information

Preschool Locations
Charles Elementary School 2400 Reeveston Road (765) 973-3441
Crestdale Elementary School 701 Crestdale Drive (765) 973-3415
Fairview Elementary School 60 Northwest L Street (765) 973-3442
Starr Elementary School
301 North 19th Street (765) 973-3426
Vaile Elementary School 300 South 14th Street (765) 973-3433
Westview Elementary School 1707 SW A Street (765) 973-3445
Preschool applications are available online via the PowerSchool Parent Portal.  Parents can request whether they would like 2 days per week,  3 days per week, or 5 days per week.   Parents may also select half-day or full-day options.   
Program Information
Children ages 3 to 5 are eligible to enroll in the RCS Preschool Program.  RCS offers a variety of enrollment options:
Morning Session:  8:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. 
Afternoon Session:  12:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. 
2 Days per week:  Tuesday/Thursday
3 Days per week:  Monday/Wednesday/Friday
5 Days per week: Monday - Friday
Cost: $5.00 for a half-day session or $10.00 for a full-day session*
*Tuition waived if eligible for free and reduced services and/or Individual Education Plan (IEP) services.
Breakfast served during morning sessions. Lunch served during afternoon sessions.
All programs use the same curriculum and deliver the same high-quality early childhood experience.
Fairview Elementary School, Starr Elementary School and Vaile Elementary School are accredited preschools through Paths to Quality (Level 3) and are On My Way PreK sites.  Your child may qualify for full day programming offered at these two buildings.  Apply online at
Two Early Childhood Special Education (ESCE) classrooms are located at Crestdale Elementary School.  
Preschool Screening
Early Childhood screening will be held by appointment at:  Westview Elementary School (1707 SW A Street).   

To make an appointment for a free preschool screening or to receive additional information, please call (765) 973-5438.
~Early Intervention means a brighter future for all children~
Early Childhood Evaluation Team

Whitney Sherrow, Education Diagnostician
Amy Zimmerman, Teacher of Early Childhood Special Education
Emily Dickerson, Speech/Language Pathologist
Leanne Backmeyer, Occupational Therapist
Brittany Singer, Occupational Therapy Assistant
Greg Kaucher, Physical Therapist
Brenda Leddington, Teacher of Students with Deafness/Hard of Hearing
Shelly VanMeter, Teacher of Students with Blindness/Low Vision
All children should have access to quality preschool programming.  Richmond Community Schools, in partnership with the community, will help all children believe in themselves, respect others, and experience joy of learning.  RCS recognizes that parents are their child's first and most important teachers.  Program that respect and incorporate parents' existing skills, diverse cultures and languages, and life experiences will be the most effective.
Contact Information:
Brent Baker, Chief of Elementary Education
Phone: (765) 973-3300