Key Technology Training

New Teacher Technology Training Topics and Notes

Each new RCS teacher receives Technology Basic Training in the following key areas. These areas are determined to be the key technology systems that each teacher is expected to learn and use while working for RCS. As the year progresses, and as new technologies emerge, all teachers, including new teachers, receive additional training to benefit their instructional process and to increase student learning with the aid of technology as a tool.

RCS NAS (Network Area Storage)

The RCS NAS is the primary storage area for all teacher, staff, administrator, and student files. 

  • File storage location on RCS server
  • To access from Windows Explorer:  \\rcsnas
  • Documents folder mapped to NAS
  • Also available from “Z:\” Drive
  • Data backed up every day
  • Accessible from anywhere on RCS network
  • Accessible outside network using Extranet
  • Public area \\rcsnas\nasfolders\public
  • Size limit 1 GB

RCS Website or

Richmond Community Schools uses the main RCS Web site for posting important and late-breaking information about RCS, RCS students and employees, and the Richmond community. The RCS Web site also provides key links to documents, files, videos, Web sites, and other resources. We encourage all new teachers and all employees to visit the Web site daily.

The following are important links and pages to help you get started with our Web site:

Staff Sign In Web Page

RCS Corporation Email

Richmond Community Schools uses Microsoft Outlook and the Microsoft Web App (OWA) for its email system. All employees receive an e-mail address upon hiring.


MOODLE Training

Technical Support Process

  • Building Technology Consultants
  • First point of contact
  • Can submit trouble calls into help desk system


PowerTeacher and Gradebook

  • Login: Username is your windows username building code (example: jsmith01)
  • Password: windows password
  • Basic navigation
  • Working with assignments
  • Entering Grades
  • Changing classes/terms


Substitute Teachers Training

Each of our pre-school through sixth grade classrooms are equiped with interactive whiteboards, called SmartBoards. The following are key components about the SmartBoard:


  • Computer
  • Software (Smart NoteBook)
  • SmartBoard (Touch sensitive interactive white board)
  • Projector
  • Speakers

Ready Light:

· Dark, not connected

· Red, connected but not working

· Green, connected and working

Speakers, switch on bottom that turns power on/off.


Pen Tray


·Keyboard button

·Right click button

·Both buttons – used to bring up orienting option.

NoteBook Software

·Side Tabs

·Navigation buttons (Next, Previous, New pages)


o   Pen color

o   Shapes - Square, Circle, Triangle

o   Magic pen

o   Customizing

o   Shade


·Importing Pictures

·Manipulating objects

Board use outside Notebook

·Web Browser

·Pearson Successnet

·Other programs


Secretary and Clerical Trainings


Basic functions

Key Microsoft Excel Features

  • Freeze Panes (“View” Tab -> “Freeze Panes” -> “Freeze Panes”), will freeze from upper left corner of cell.
  • Split Window (“View” Tab -> “Split”), Split grab handle on upper right for rows and lower right for columns
  • Filter (“Data” Tab -> “Filter”)
  • Alignment (“Home” Tab -> “Format” -> Format Cells -> Alignment) Ctrl + 1
  • Horizontal, Vertical
  • Boarder (“Home” Tab -> “Font” section)
  • Hiding Rows and Columns – Right click on column header and choose “Hide”.  (“Home” Tab -> “Format”  -> “Hide & Unhide”)
  • Format as Table (“Home” Tab -> “Format as Table”), will add alternating light and dark colors to the rows.
  • Search/Find (“Home” Tab -> “Find & Select”), Ctrl + F
  • Find and Replace, Find/Change Format, Within
  • Conditional Formatting (“Home” Tab -> Conditional Formatting)


Important Excel Short Cuts

  • Cut = Ctrl + x
  • Copy = Ctrl + c
  • Paste = Ctrl + p
  • Go to First Cell in Worksheet = Ctrl + Home
  • Go to Last Cell in Worksheet = Ctrl + End
  • Format Cells = Ctrl + 1

RCS Website Editing Training

RCS Web Calendar Editing Training