Richmond Community Schools has long had a commitment to the arts - both Performing Arts such as Band, Choir, Orchestra, Choral Music and Drama, and the Fine Arts including painting, sculpting, and photography.

Performing Arts

Our Performing arts programs begin as early as kindergarten where we begin teaching our students how to read music, sing, and play the recorder. 

As the student progresses upward in grade and maintains their interest in music, we:

  • teach music appreciation
  • instruct on specific instruments for the marching and concert bands and the orchestra
  • lead the choirs in ever more challenging choral music arrangements.

At the middle and high school levels, we have a strong group dedicated to drama instruction.  Several times each year, our drama students my compete against other schools as well as perform in plays and/or musicals for their parents and for the general public.

 Visit the individual schools home pages for access to the arts programs available at each school, and be sure to visit the Civic Hall Performing Arts Center, located at Richmond High School, for a schedule of public performances.




 The Richmond Symphony Orchestra is housed in the Civic Hall Performing Arts Center. RSO has the mission to enhance the quality of life in east central Indiana and west central Ohio by providing symphonic music of the highest caliber in live performances and music education in the local schools and community.



Fine Arts

Art instruction within the RCS system has a long and proud history.  Instruction begins for interested students in elementary school and continues at RHS. 

Richmond Art Museum LogoRHS houses the Richmond Art Museum with an excellent art museum with a collection of American Impressionists, Taos School, the Hoosier School, the Richmond School, and other regional artists. The museum is located just outside the McGuire Hall auditorium on the north end of the High school just across the parking lot from the administration building.