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Student Health Screenings

Eye Exams

Richmond Community Schools will conduct an annual screening test of the visual acuity of all children enrolled in grades K, 3, 8, and of all other children suspected of having a visual defect.

  1. The eye test results of all students checked will be recorded on back of each student's C-1.
  2. The eye test form of students that have been referred or borderline will be filed by the nurse in each C-1. The nurse will be responsible for follow-ups on these students.
  3. Medical papers of the referred students will be filed in the student's C-1.
  4. All kindergartener's vision will be checked by an optometrist in the Early Prevention of School Failure (EPSF).
    1. The kindergarten vision screening record must be completed for every kindergarten student.
    2. The school must complete date, school, teacher and first two lines before testing.
  5. The school nurse responsibilities are as follows:
    1. Record, file C-1 and send to parents any necessary communication
    2. Check all kindergarten students that enroll after EPSF testing.
  6. The returned vision reports are to be given to the nurse.

Kindergarten Vision Screening

Vision schedule by the optometrists will be arranged at the beginning of the school year.

Please make sure kindergarten teachers or assistants have the following kindergarten screening record.

  1. Each child needs a kindergarten vision screening record.
  2. Needed: Two (2) aides, a runner, general helper.
  3. The kindergarten screening record must be given to the building nurse after screening for follow-up.
  4. Do not file kindergarten-screening record in students C-1.

The optometrists have arranged their schedules in order to be in the designated schools on these days. Please be prepared to assist them.