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Student Health

Immunization Information

Information on the Indiana Required and Recommended School Immunizations is available by selecting the links below.  This information is used within the Richmond Community Schools to ensure that each student is properly immunized.  Students moving into Richmond Community Schools from another Indiana school or from an out-of-state school shall be properly immunized as required by the Indiana State Board of Health.

For children who have delayed immunizations, please refer to the CDC “Catch-up Immunization Schedule” to determine adequately immunizing doses. All minimum intervals and ages for each vaccination as specified per CDC guidelines must be met for a dose to be valid. A copy of these guidelines can be found at

A written record of a student's completed immunizations must be on file with his/her school office by the first day of school. Incomplete records may result in the student being excluded from school.

Parents are required to present a written statement of the student's immunizations accompanied by a physician's certificate or other documentation at the time of enrollment. Other documentation may include

    * an official school record from another school, or

    * electronic records maintained by Indiana State Board of Health (CHIRP).

Richmond Community Schools requires documentation for all immunizations by month, day and year.

In cases where the parent is unable to provide such documentation at enrollment, the school may grant a waiver for the student to attend for a period not to exceed twenty (20) days during which time the parent must obtain the documentation. No student will be allowed to attend school beyond this period without proof of immunization.

Exemptions to the immunization requirement shall be granted only for medical reasons, religious objection, or other reasons allowed by law. Parents seeking an exemption for one of these reasons must state their request in writing to the building principal.  This request must be updated yearly.  The physician's or parent's statement is to be kept at the school as part of the student's immunization record.

Medications Given at School

When circumstances prevent medication to be given at home and a physician orders the medication to be taken at school, the following guidelines must be followed:

  1. All medications (prescription or over-the-counter) must be brought to school and picked up by parent/guardian or responsible adult.  All prescription medications will be counted and verified with parent by school personnel.
  2. Non-prescription medication must be in original bottle with student’s name and accompanied by a parent/guardian permission note with recommended time and dosage.
  3. All medications must be accompanied by the medication form signed by the physician and parent/guardian. These forms are to be resubmitted at least annually or whenever there are medication changes. 

The above must be followed or the medication will not be given.


Indiana law also requires a vision screening of each student in kindergarten, 1st, 3rd,5th and 8th grades. All kindergarten students’ vision will be checked by an optometrist during the first two (2) weeks of school.