Department of Technology

Richmond Community Schools Department of Technology consists of a team of twelve individuals boasting a wide range of skills. With a combined experience of over 100 years. The Department of Technology offers Richmond Community Schools reliable technology services for the government body.
Inquiries related to the Department of Technology? Please contact our office during business hours.  7am - 3pm est.
Richmond Community Schools
Department of Technology 

Staff Directory

Director of Technology
Alexander Hazelbaker
Assistant Director of Technology
Scott Nash
Secretary of Technology
Sandra Blevins
Network Administrator / System Administrator
Stacy Corwin
Network Administrator / Web Developer
Kayden Mathews
Telecom Administrator 
James Hazelbaker
Student Information Systems Administrator
Misti Griffith
IDOE State Reporter 
Deborah Hampton
Technology Specialist
Gabriel Howell
Technology Specialist
Gregory Rexrode 
Technology Specialist
Kevin Ross
Technology Specialist
Trey Rogers