Mission Statement

Digital Learning Vision Statement

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Information Technology Department

"Philosophy on Technology in Support of Learning" for RCS:

Richmond Community Schools, in partnership with the community, will work to bring modern technology to our children's educational experience to support and enhance teaching and learning. This is necessary to:


  • Allow children with differing learning styles or learning speeds to learn more efficiently;
  • Assist in the development of children's higher order learning skills;
  • Educate our children in international and multiethnic issues;
  • Prepare our children for the workplace.


To reach these goals, we will:


  • Ensure equity of access for all students;
  • Integrate appropriate technologies into the learning environment;
  • Provide access to electronic and information networks to facilitate communication among students, teachers, administrators, and parents to make all active participants in the educational process.


Children will continue to learn basic skills including numeracy, word usage, thinking and ideas using technology where appropriate.

Access to the technology tools to be used now will be provided and their use encouraged; training and education in their use will be supported. At this time these learning tools will include - but not be limited to -


  • personal computers
  • electronic networks
  • video devices
  • and both local and long distance information storage and retrieval systems.


Ultimately, these technologies will provide a foundation to enable all in our local learning community - students, teachers, administrators, parents and others in the community - to participate fully in the development of a global learning community.