Open Courseware

Open courseware is a fairly new concept in content delivery. Several colleges and universities provide open courseware to allow anyone to access the courses and lectures for free. The following are some sites devoted to the Open Courseware concept.

Read more about opencourseware here.

Free Online Reading Materials

I have added some more links to free reading books. (11/18/2011) Some of the sites have the books leveled, but all are free books that could be read with a device for elementary to young adult students. 

  1.  These are somewhat leveled
  2.  Use this person’s login and password.  Great books leveled here.  Does EVSC have an account?
  7.  These are leveled.
  8.  Nice site for students learning to read and early readers.
  9.  Not leveled, but categorized as short stories (easy) kids classics, non-fiction, poems, and novels. (more advanced)
  10.  For early readers.  Scroll down to the featured stories.  The books can be read to the student and the illustrations are animated.  Very Cool.
  11.  When you hover over each book, it tells you the age level.  Over 100 books here that can be read in full screen.
  12. Leveled kindergarten and first grade stories.
  13. Free online collection of stories and poems. (Leveled)
  14. (Leveled)  Free trial but needs subscription. boohoo
  15. Free A-Z samples
  16. Free eBooks Livebinder A livebinder full of goodies