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New Gradebook Launch method

PowerTeacher 2.8 provides a new way to launch the Gradebook that protects you from Java updates. It also includes a desktop shortcut that allows teachers to login to the Gradebook directly. Teachers can complete the quick setup themselves.  Note that the Gradebook itself remains the same, and shold not require any re-training.

Changes for Teachers

When teachers sign in to the PowerTeacher Portal, they will notice a subtle change in where they go to launch the Gradebook.  This new area is easy to see, and simplifies the launch process, both for the new launch method and the old one.  Download Pearson information sheet.  Download Gradebook Launcher FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).


  1. On the PowerTeacher portal navigation menu you will notice the "New Greadebook Launch" feature.  Click the installer link and follow the on-screen instructions to setup the new launcher.  You must run the setup one time on each system you use to access the Gradebook.
     2.When the launcher setup is complete, return to the PowerTeacher portal navigation menu and click Launch.
     3.Now you have the choice to launch the Gradebook from the Navigation menu as usual, or use the desktop shortcut.  Either way will give you the same Gradebook experience.



Gradebook Launch Installer Instructions



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